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Owners and renters are seemingly divided on their plans for the type of home they plan to move into in the next 3 months. 59% of owners and 31% of renters are planning to own their future residence.

Plans for Future Moves

Owners and renters appear self-reliant – yet many are also willing to ask for help from friends/family when it comes to moving. Additionally, 38% of owners plan or have used a moving company during their move compared to 26% of renters.

Plans During the Move

More than 9 in 10 owners and renters pay for a variety of products and services during the move such as internet, pet services, flooring, utilities, furniture, home décor, home security and much more.

Purchases During the Move

During a move, consumers spend on numerous products and services for their new residence. They are looking for home security, new landscaping, updated appliance, and moving services. They are on the hunt for new service providers such as dentists, pet care, lawncare, and car repair.  Or they are looking for new local favorites such as restaurants or grocery stores. The list goes on but one thing is certain, movers are spending big on all sort of items during the move.

This edition of the New Movers Trends Report explores the shopping behaviors of renters vs owners – both high-spending audiences who are looking to establish new relationships with businesses just like yours.

Featuring Renters and Owners for more great insights to inform your marketing programs! 

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2022 New Mover Trends Report

Shopping Behaviors of Owners vs Renters

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Download the New Movers Report featuring Renters and Owners for more great insights to inform your marketing programs!